19 Days | 1,750 Participants | 20,000 Feet of String

As an official selection for ArtPrize Nine in Grand Rapids, Michigan, String Theory was an interactive environment that inspired the viewer to become the user.  String Theory centered around ideas of transformation that engaged a person’s imagination and innate desire to touch, explore, and create.


String Theory enabled people to interact and play with their surroundings and reminded them that they can have an effect on the world around them. Through the use 

of three simple materials —pegboard, pegs, and string— String Theory engaged the viewer/user on an interface beyond the digital and brought a sense of magic and playfulness to the space. Viewers used the grid of pegs to 'draw' with the string in infinite configurations, constantly changing and evolving the look and feel of the space.

For the final phase of the project, users were invited to take some string with them to create something new —so that the project and the materials could have a second life.



Project time-lapse


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