For the young and young at heart - Shape Maze is an interactive installation that evokes memories of childhood by inviting onlookers to partake in a joyful moment that celebrates the importance of play in all of our lives. Participants navigate the maze by guiding the shapes around the tracks —providing a physical, tactile experience in an increasingly digital world.

Shape Maze is designed to create a sense of place, connect people to each other, and brighten the day of those who interact with it. It’s MK Studio's mission to engage imaginations, reward curiosity, and create lasting experiences, wonder, and joy!

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Interested in activating a space in your community or at your organization? Commission your own permanent version of Shape Maze!

Shape Maze can be installed in a courtyard, a plaza, a lobby, etc. —anywhere you want to bring people together to share in a moment of joy and playfulness.

MK Studio will work with you to design and build a permanent, site-specific installation just for you. Get in touch here, and we can discuss the details.

Temporary installation currently at the ymca of greater grand rapids
Shape maze in use
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