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building unique experiences

 MK Studio is a cross-disciplinary art + design studio based in Chicago, IL that practices a holistic approach to design. Combining expertise in form, surface, and

space, MK Studio explores creative and inspiring solutions in experience architecture, which engage a person's imagination and innate desire to touch, explore, and create.

experience architecture

Experience Architecture brings together form, surface, space, and the active world to create

environments, events, moments, products, and designs which enable people to interact and play

with their surroundings and remind them that they can have an effect on the world around them.

Combining a love of materials and color, a wide knowledge of fabrication techniques, and a passion

for making, MK Studio creates work that inspires the viewer to become the user and brings a sense of magic and playfulness to all of its projects.


Curiosity in materials, surface, and
production techniques and a passion for
making are a foundation for handmade and
commercial product design.


Love of color, pattern, drawing, and
painting inspires work in digital and
one-of-a kind textiles, repeat design,
illustration, and graphic design.


Appetite for interactive and hands-on
experiences using form, surface, texture,
color, and light inform inspiring solutions to
interior and exterior spaces.